Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Due to a toddler dawn chorus I was up early this morning. Evie said she heard helicopters, I'm not so sure. Whilst making the most of an early start, I decided to flit my half-closed-eyes over Bloesem, a stylish blog full of beautiful things. As I was scrolling down, I came across an article about Showhome, a collection of Mid Century Modern and Contemporary furniture set up in a London house. When I clicked on the link to the site, I noticed a familiarity about the house, the illustration is quite similar to our own Bee Hive.

The Showhome as the name suggests, is exactly that. An ordered home full of elegant furniture and accessories. I was rather surprised to see the odd piece of furniture in the Showhome similar to that in  our own home only our furniture is covered in dust, toys and washing. Oh well.

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