Saturday, October 6, 2007

human ant-ics


Te!he! what a laugh The Insect Circus was. At one point I had tears running down my cheeks. No one else had except Sophie - we had the attack of the teenage giggles.

The Insect Circus, came to Norwich Playhouse and is a cabaret act of about 9 people. Some dressed up as insects, some in less creepy costumes. The insect couture was  brilliant - moths, bluebottles, butterflies, may-fly, dust mites, wasps and ants all made with fabulous detail and humour.

It was the humour of the acts that baffled us, it wasn't quite spoof (except one act), and it wasn't quite laugh out loud, it was just oddly funny and very inventive - surely there can't be many shows like this?

Tomorrow Stu is going to see it with Evie. Evie will love it and will want every costume, every girl, in every act wears. I wish I had gone with Evie, I think seeing her delight and expressions throughout the show would have changed my perspective of it. Anyway, it will be interesting to hear what Stu thinks of it - I have given little away.

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  1. After reading about the show I immediately wanted to go and see it as it brought back memories of the Flea circus that I took my children to several years ago now at the little theatre in Sherringham. One man and some miniture props - no fleas but in our minds they were definately there, riding the bicycle and walking the tight rope. It was one of the best childrens shows I ever went to. Looking at the list of events at the playhouse I think that I am too late but thanks for promping a lovely memory.