Monday, December 31, 2007

apron dress


I'm hanging up my apron in 2008. I am going to try and stop escaping into the kitchen for frequent sugar highs and instead start making items of lasting value.

I have started by making a apron-dress for the girls with some old Ikea fabric I've had for years. It's lined with bright lime fabric for contrast and it ties at the shoulders. It absorbs all the spills and dribbles a toddler/child makes, and it also looks practical and dare I say it, a little charming.

I'm thinking of making it Evie's school uniform, just whizz up a set of various colour-way gingham aprons, so to avoid the daily scrummage of  'what to wear - where to find it - and will she wear it if it's not pink.'


1 comment:

  1. oh I don't know if you read old comments or not? I just found your blog and my Yvie would love that apron-dress to wear when she goes to school next year... where oh where can I find a pattern...and my little Yvie will wear it if it isn't pink; that is if it is purple!