Saturday, January 19, 2008

hola sevilles


Yeah, they have arrived just as we are scrapping the last of the orange jelly from 2007's batch. It's a surprise we still have a jar, I guess I made a lot.

I think one of my first blog posts was about marmalade, which means I have been blogging for roughly a year. I am pleased I posted the recipe, as I now have it at my fingertips. 

I made two batches last year, from different recipes and methods, but it was Sybil Kapoor's recipe which we favoured, mainly because the recipe from Food Beam developed a mouldy top after a month or so in storage. I have recently seen another recipe which I wanted to try, but I can't for the life of me remember where it was I saw it.

So today, I stocked up on 4 kilo's of Seville oranges (that's a lot isn't it?) from Anna's Farm Store, (a fantastic local, store selling whole-foods and organic as well as locally sourced fruit and veg). I am now ready to start the worth while and enjoyable task of making the marmalade. The weather is suppose to be awful again tomorrow, I hope it is.


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  1. What a perfect task for a wet winter weekend. Making marmalade is something I have never done. My mother always did and would put the oranges through the mincer that was bolted onto the table - turning the handle was the favourite job of me and my sisters.
    Glad to see Sybil Kapoor mentioned as her cook books have bought me many delightful tastes over the years and I always use her cranachan recipe for Burns Night which is not too far away.