Sunday, July 13, 2008

Play and Freeze

Make ice-cream with no mess, no electricity but possibly a broken toe....


Apart from the almost injuries, Play and Freeze is brilliant and a must have for anyone with a team of energetic helpers and ice-cream lovers. Fi, clever ol' Fi, turned up to the campsite with an early birthday gift of ice, rock salt, cream, vanilla sugar and chocolate chips and a large cube wrapped in paper - the Play and Freeze.

We've tried a few flavours, so far raspberries, cream and Greek yogurt is really good. I've been making a banana cake lately which requires the bananas to be cooked in a butterscotch sauce. I can't stop thinking about how tasty caramelised bananas would be when added with cream and Greek yogurt to the ice-cream ball. For now, here's how we made raspberry ripple.

Firstly, add ice-cubes and rock salt to one end.


To the end end, add cream...raspberries, Greek yogurt, vanilla sugar and milk



Then roll it, kick it (gently) drag it, fight over it for ten whole minutes, stirring it a few times.


then eat it.

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  1. wow i want one of those! they look like great fun and home made icecream too!!!