Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wiveton Cafe

Matilda with Badger

Evie with Rabbit

Asparagus hut

The girls and I headed to Wiveton Cafe earlier in the week to give birthday wishes to Ali. I found Ali with her head in the freezers sorting out all sorts of familiar foods from my Yetman's Restaurant days; pots of lobster coral mixed with butter, eggs whites in large containers, cakes, ice-creams and much more.

This winter the cafe has been extended. The seating capacity inside has doubled and they have fitted windows so you can now look over the marsh and out to sea making the best of the fabulous scenic situation the cafe is set. The kitchens have been also been extended again - a new wash-up area and additional cooking room and the outside has been landscaped to look the same as last year. You'd hardly know t was different.

Whilst we were there I bought freshly cut asparagus from the old shed with and the girls chased guinea fowl and played in the field with their fake-furry friends.

The cafe re-opens on Monday 18th April.

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