Thursday, May 3, 2007

great grandma dora's dress


Stu's Grandma Dora was a bit nifty with a needle and thread and made endless beautiful dresses for her only Grandaughter, the gorgeous Fi.

Dottie, Stu and Fi's Mum, kept all these dresses and passed them onto Fi when her Tara daughter was old enough to wear them.  Tara, now nearly 7 has out grown them which means that the collection of patterned dresses has been passed our way. I'm so pleased. I love handmade items and knowing the history of these gems and knowing they were made with love for Fi makes them so much more special.

I'm also really pleased that Evie also loves them. The tutu's have been cast aside and every morning she puts on one of Grandma Dora's dresses. In fact, one morning she put two on at once. Oh the fashion dilemmas of a 3 year old.

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