Friday, March 2, 2007

birthdays and blue skys


The sky was a vibrant, Spring filled blue this morning. Evie woke us all with her Julie Andrews style (latest role model) chirping at the delight of it being a "such a beautiful morning".

Today is Alice's first birthday. Happy Birthday Alice. Sadly this morning's happy start was soon dashed when I spoke to Matt who told me of Claire and Alice's poorlyness in the night which meant that they were now not able to make the trip from Ireland to Norfolk. 

We are all so disappointed, it was going to be a fun weekend and we were so looking forward to having everyone here for lunch on Saturday. Still, with Matt not here, it means that we are at least a case of wine up, a portion or two of Coq au Vin better off and perhaps we could make do with one pudding not two. (tongue in cheek flippancy, no offense meant Matt). But which pudding do I sacrifice; Treacle Tart (enthused by Angie earlier in the week which has got my taste buds going) or a Warm Chocolate and Mascapone Cheesecake? It's a tricky one. I want to eat Treacle Tart but the sell by dates on the pots of Mascapone in the fridge might win the cook off. Is two puddings for six adults and three small children greedy? Well yes, clearly it is but I could always send home goodie bags or better still send a mini pudding trolley1st Class to Belfast...


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