Wednesday, March 21, 2007

fifi lapin, the design conscious bunny


I like Wednesdays, it's the only day of the week where I have two hours to myself, to get on a do stuff I want to with  feeling any motherly guilt.

This morning I did research for St.Jude's. As I'm hopping from one site to another, I keep writing 'in my head' blogs for All Things Considered. I get really excited and inspired when I see and read about creative people and their art, it reminds me of my student days weaving away in the then non-blog world of the '90's.

One of my discoveries today was FiFi Lapin. A 19 year old fashion student (I think) from London. Fifi, very possibly inspired by Mifi, is a rabbit dressed in designer clobber.

So taken by the illustrations on sale at Fifi's Etsy store, I have emailed to ask if Fifi could be drawn wearing Evie's very own eclectic mix of definitely non designer clothing.  (I should add that this is a service offered). I do hope that it's possible, I will get one for Matilda too. I have a feeling this talented young designer will have a successful future so I'm going to start collecting Fifi Lapin's wardrobe now.

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