Monday, March 12, 2007

scent of a spliff

Spring landed with magnificent splendor at the weekend; blue skies, warmth, blossom, freshly cut grass, vegetable seeds sown and even talk of excavating our bikes from the shed and going for a pedal.

But too much sitting around pondering about what to do with our day made us lethargic but in the end we did go for a tu-tu wearing (Evie) lakeside walk at Whittlingham, Trowse.


It was just before this photo was taken that Evie questioned us about a heady and pungent smell wafting from a circle of  laid back youths. Like me,  she could be a super smeller and, as curious as ever, she had to find out what an earth that smell was.

Stu and I ended the day smelling more heady spliff's at the UEA where we attended a superb gig performed by LCD Sound System with our good friend Simon. Definately worth checking as is Simon and Angie's blog, All Things Considered but more of that later...

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