Tuesday, July 10, 2007

creating energy


I wish I could blog daily like other folk but the truth is, I can't. Well I do, but that's another story....

During my days of wearing ear plugs to protect myself from frequent whinging (Evie does have chicken pox so moaning is allowed), I conduct verbal banter with myself about what I'm going to waffle about. Then, when it comes to finally sitting down and writing something, my mind goes blank.

I sometimes wonder if I should set time limits on the use of the laptop - it can be quite destructive. I find the World Wide Web just exactly that. A web so vast and wide, with so many people with so much talent totally daunting. The further I click, the further I get woven in, the further I'm inspired and the further I think I should  just leave blogging and surfing to others as in many ways, not having the time to create is worse than being inspired.

But hey, I've also been considering exercise today. I need to energise my tired body and mind and I think that some sort of exercise/dance could be the solution. The other week I received an email from someone who'd come across the The Bee Hive. Cassie actually lives nearby and has been writing a blog, Rectors Wife Revamp since January about her progression and transformation since getting a personal trainer. Cassie is now getting hooked on running and the photos of her before and after, are inspirational - as I said in my reply email, my trainers are out of the cupboard - a step further to being worn for the first time in 3 years and a second time ever to pound the pavements (maybe...)

Back to food, the thing I'm comfy with, the photo above is of our supper. Broad beans and spuds form our garden, preserved artichokes from last months arduous preparation and goats cheese and b'roo from Asda (the shop people hate but I love, but more on that another day). Why my beetroot hasn't grown this year is a mystery, I have planted seeds four times with nothing appearing but a fashionably minuscule red stemed leaf. Very disappointing.

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