Tuesday, July 10, 2007

latest obsession(s)


I did it. I actually went for a run this evening. Music in ears, hideously unfashionable trainers on and off I went up the hill, around the park and up another hill and finally down one home. I was gone away 15 luxurious lonesome minutes. Whether or not I can keep this up is another thing. If there are noticeable improvements in my moods, my energy levels and my desire to do house work, then running is a good thing and I will endeavor to continue.

So, feeling revitalised, I set to prepare myself a quinoa, cashew, feta and watercress salad (... I know), whilst also trying my second batch of the 2006- blog-trendy, French macaroon. Multi tasking is not one of my strong points.

They are sitting in the oven as I write this and some of the macaroons 'feet' have appeared. Phew. My last batch didn't grow feet which means I failed. It's quite a complex but quick procedure, and every blog that had a recipe conflicted with the other. I've mentioned previously about Pierre Herme, the French king of exquisite biscuits and cakes, who makes some of the most attractive macaroons (see image) is the inspiration behind the popular blog topic. Anyway, just checked mine, the feet are stunted and the second tray to be baked, are totally over cooked and crisp like melba toast (see what I mean about multi tasking?) Perhaps it's my appallingly distressed and over worked oven that is failing, but I doubt it, although it will be interesting to see how our brand new oven (it's been sitting boxed for 5 months) will fair in comparison. I hope to find out one day soon.

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