Saturday, July 28, 2007

new books and cafe


On Monday I turned 34 and then I turned into a bad tempered, irrational mother (again). Is there a remedy for intolerance?

Also on Monday, I ate the most delicious lunch at the just opened
Wiveton Cafe, cooked by wonderful friend and fabulous chef, Ali Yetman. The
Cafe is a delight; brightly coloured inside with views over looking the
growing seasonal vegetables Ali cooks with and part of the North
Norfolk coastline. I've written a more detailed post here.

As with the nature of birthdays, lovely gifts are received and as with most of my
birthdays, books are welcomely received and usually from my in-laws and
brother Matt - thank you. This year I received cook books; Angela
Harnetts Cucina and Clotilde Dusoulier's  Chocolate & Zucchini inspired by the well known food blog of the same name. I'm looking forward to having a closer look and baking something. I haven't baked for ages  (perhaps that's my problem...)

The other book I received from my in-laws was Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing- perfectly timed to encourage me to create in my new and already untidy 'studio' ( I use that term very lightly).


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  1. So lovely to read about Ali's new venture in Wiveton. I just know it'll be a great success. Sounds as though you had some fab birthday books. More goodies to bake and sewing to make!
    Mum, xxx
    ps. I don't think you're an irrational Mummy, I think you are a fantastic one! x