Friday, July 13, 2007

second attempt macaroons


Having eaten too many of the sugary, crisp macaroons the other night, I lay
awake worrying and wondering about everything and anything for much
longer than I wanted to. So, come the morning, I was rather tetchy
which wasn't soothed by immediately scoffing more of the now soft
biscuits. I was happy to discover, the crispy, toast like macaroons had improved over night and even more so, when I sandwiched with some chocolate Dulce de Leche (which I imagine to a macaroon zealots, is bad) between two biscuits. Oh well, I thought it inventive, it tasted bloody good and involved no washing up.

The recipe I used for Alan Bennett's favourite cup of tea accomplishment, was from Insanity Theory blog which I came across per chance. She uses the Italian meringue technique which is used by adding hot sugar syrup instead of  caster to the egg white. It makes a much more solid 'soft peak' (bit of a contradiction). I've no idea what a pavlova or small meringues would be like made this way, I'll try and find out one day.

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  1. Where were they yesterday? I was waiting for a sample!