Monday, April 23, 2007

6 grams of salt


Stu started his day flicking through the excellent book The Savvy Shopper by Rose Prince. It covers all the good and bad things about what we eat.  Rose explains what's in the food, where it's sourced and lists information about quality producers.

The first thing Stu saw having just read the piece in the book about cereals, was Matilda picking her way through a scattering of unpleasant Cheerios, which as we all know are full of sugar and salt.

Carrying on with his moment of food awareness, Stu weighed out an
adults daily allowance of salt. Our RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is
6 grams, that's 3 heaped teaspoons which I thought was quite a lot and
probably more than we eat in day which made me quite feel virtuous.
It's ready meals which are the biggest carriers of salt, some meals
contain up to 98% of your daily salt allowance.

Salt is often being discussed in the media for it's negative effects on health but it is something I do have a taste for. Since having the girls, I don't cook food adding much salt which now makes me feel better about rubbing hearty pinches of crunchy Maldon Sea Salt over my meals. My view is that if you're going to add salt, you've got to make sure it's pure sea salt, you need less as the flavour is so good and it won't be full of that anti-caking crap table salt contains. Yuck.

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