Tuesday, April 3, 2007

crewel work


...the crewel puns keep going through my head but I'm going to resist from using them.

Crewel embroidery has been around for over a thousand years. It's a technique that's involves wrapping wool over stitches to form a decorative relief on the surface of fabrics.  More often than not,  the patterns stitched are of flowers and are used to add adornment to womens clothing.

I'm a fan of most embroidery techniques and really like some this one. I have two cardigans which have crewel work on them; one is from the 1940's/50's (above) and one from the 60's which was purchase at the weekend, coincidentally found hours after I had tried the stitching technique at home.

My attempt was quick and fairly crude (pink bud) and I was thinking how  felted
crewel embroidery would look so I may try adding some samples to a
machine wash to see how they come out.



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